Dustmaster 20

Customer Testimonials

   "In spite of the dry season, this product performed well!"

     Broderick Crawford, Town of Caledon

  "I was very happy with the way the product performed."
   Gary Stewart, Twsp. of South Perth

  "The township saved 25% on its' annual dust control costs (approx. $45,000). I would
   have no problem recommending this material as a cost-effective alternative for dust

   Terry Selman, Township of St. Clair

  "... provided excellent dust control during 2005 which was an exceptionally dry year. You
   will find that the product provides good value for your dust layer dollar!"

   Clayton Cameron, Township of Severn

  "Saved us on the amount of water we hauled. The two applications gave us better

   Barry Baldasaro, Woolwich Township

  "I would have no problem using it again. Good service - I'm happy!"
   Jim Barber, Thames Centre

  "I had initial reservations but found the product worked very well!"
   Gary Crandal, Twsp of Blandford-Blenheim

  "I thought it was a good product and it worked well. I will
   have no problem using it again."

   Gerard Lachapelle, Township of Tay

  "I was completely satisfied with the way Dustmaster worked. I know this product   worked as well as calcium and came in at a lower cost!"
   Joe Livingstone, Central Elgin

  "Product worked well in dry conditions!"
   Matt Jenner, Thames Centre

  "Excellent product! Lasted the full season."
   Ross Fisher, Municipality of Bluewater

  "The extra fluid gave us better results. This will really show on a dry year. Saving on   the cost of watering fresh gravel!"
   Ron Pfeifer & Wes Kuepper, Twsp of Perth East

  "In a six mile test area I found the product to perform as well as Mag Chloride at 20%
   less cost!"

   Dennis O'Neil, Twsp of East Zorra-Tavistock

  "I think it worked better than 35%. Really great stuff!"
   Gary Vanevery, Six Nations Council

  "This was a very hot & dry summer and there have been few dust
   complaints. Following rainfall, this product resurfaces well!"

   Aden Coccoran, Zorra Township

  "The additional fluid with Dustmaster 20 greatly aided in compaction of fresh gravel!"
   Joe Adams, Municipality of North Middlesex

  "I administer a bulk tender in excess of 3,000 flake tons. I was very
   satisfied with the results this year. You should name this product Endust."

   Ron Smith, Township of Norwich

Additional information is available on the Material Safety Data Sheet 
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