Dustmaster 20

Performance /  Benefits

The consistent calcium chloride and magnesium chloride components of Dustmaster 20 offer reliable products for summer dust control and road stabilization.

High Water Content
The higher water content of this solution can replace the need to "pre-water" gravel surfaces which is a costly practice that many users have done when using stronger solutions.  During exceptionally dry periods the higher water content will help keep the chlorides active and near the road surface where it is most effective in controlling dust.

Lower Cost per Litre
The lower cost per unit when compared to stronger magnesium and calcium solutions may make Dustmaster 20 ideal for lower volume areas and end of season second applications where long term coverage is not a major issue.  At the same time the customer can decide the chloride content required for specific needs.

More Economical alternative than Bagged Material and Solution for Laneways
Due to its generally lower cost per litre, Dustmaster 20 can yield significant savings when used as an alternative to bagged product for treating specific ratepayer concerns and laneways.

Additional information is available on the Material Safety Data Sheet 
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