23% Sodium Brine


23% sodium chloride brine is a clear solution comprised of 23% sodium chloride crystals and 77% water by weight with less than 1% of impurities (other chlorides).

Typical Properties

Appearance:                                 Clear Liquid
Dry Solids                                     23.3%
Specific Gravity's Range                1.18 +/- .02
pH Range:                                     7-9
Freezing Point:                             -21 C (-6F)
Water Miscibility:                          Complete


23% sodium chloride brine is an effective solution for ant-icing and pre-wetting applications. In anti-icing applications, this salt solution dries quickly on the roadway in comparison to other commonly used solutions, leaving behind salt crystals. This prevents the ice and frost from forming or bonding to the surface of the road while maintaining reasonable surface friction. As a pre-wetting agent, liquid sodium chloride is a low cost, low maintenance alternative providing all the benefits of the more expensive pre-wetting agents in the regions where the winter temperatures are milder in nature. 23% Sodium Chloride brine can also be blended with Agrimelt, which together provide a corrosion resistant product with a much lower freezing point. All suggested usage levels should be considered as starting points and need adjustment to meet local conditions such as current and forecasted road and surface temperatures, precipitation, traffic volume, etc.

Anti-Icing and Pre-Wetting

  • - Apply 60 - 100 litres/lane kilometre for Anti-icing using a stream nozzle.
  • - Apply 20-42 litres/tonne at the spinner for pre-wetting sand and/or salt.


  • - Prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement when used as an anti-  icing agent.
  • - Reduces bounce and scatter losses during application from 30% loss down
      to only 4% loss.
  • - Jumpstarts the de-icing process.
  • - Quickly dries on pavement leaving sodium crystals to protect against ice
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