Dustmaster 20

General Characteristics

Through arrangements with Enbridge Inc. and the Trillium Group of Companies, Pollard now supplies calcium-magnesium rich brine solutions from underground reserves marketed under the trade name Dustmaster 20.

A 21 km pipeline connects the Enbridge wellhead to the Trillium Distribution site near Courtright, Ontario.  Combined with other storage arrangements Pollard has  capacity exceeding five million gallons.  The Trillium Group also operates a marine dock on the St. Clair River connected by pipeline to the storage system.  This network allows for the efficient shipment of products using marine vessels to terminals throughout the Great Lakes.

Dustmaster 20 consistently contains effective dust suppressants of 15 - 18% Calcium Chloride and 2 - 3% Magnesium Chloride.  When adjusted for the molecular weight of the calcium and magnesium components, Dustmaster 20 has a 20% calcium chloride equivalency.  This product has been reviewed and approved by The Road Authority for use as a dust suppressant (visit www.roadauthority.com)  The Road Authority is sponsored and coordinated through the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) and works with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to manage and administer the Ministry's designated sources for materials.
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Additional information is available on the Material Safety Data Sheet 
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