Product Applications

Mastermelt, when applied before a winter event, prevents snow and ice from forming a bond with the pavement. When applied, it allows more time for road crews to perform their rounds of snow removal.

  • Pre-wetting
    Mastermelt gives salt a 'jumpstart' by allowing it's hygroscopic nature to attract moisture to the salt, allowing a brine to be formed more quickly on the road. It decreases the amount of de-icer lost to 'bounce and scatter', and lowers the effective melting temperature of salt.

    Stockpile Treatment
    Mastermelt 50 or 70 can be used to treat sand and/or salt stockpiles.

    Benefits include:
         Keeps the stockpile from freezing and clumping (sand)
         Improves the ice melting capacity of salt.
         Cost effective way to wet your sand/salt allowing the mixture to remain on the road where it's effective.

    Additional information is available on the Material Safety Data Sheet 
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