Calcium Chloride

Markets & Uses



Reason for Use

Building maintenance Freeze proofing water in fire-pails Lowers freezing point
Chemical manufacture Production of calcium salts Source of calcium
Construction Cold-weather concrete additive
Soil solidification
Accelerates set
Tractor tire weighting Solidifies loose, sandy soils when injected together with sodium silicate
Lowers freezing temperature of water put in tires to improve traction by increasing weight
Drying air and gases Direct drying compound Removes moisture by hygroscopicity
Highway construction Shoulder and base stabilization Retains moisture which improves compaction of soil
Highway Maintenance Dust laying Moisture absorbed from the air prevents dust formation
Snow and ice control Melts ice
Salt enhancer Improves the melting ability of salt, especially at lower temperatures
Mining Dust proofing and freeze-resisting ore and coal Retains moisture; lowers freezing point of residual water
Thaws frozen ores or aggregates thereby making them easier to move by conveyor and easier to crush
Paper Manufacture Increases web strength of corrugating media Provides artificial water hardness that allows web to drain better
Improves dye retention Provides artificial water hardness that helps set paper dyes
Petroleum Additive to oil well completion fluids Increases density
Cementing finished oil wells Accelerates set of cement
Drilling mud additive Reduces shale swelling
Drying petroleum fractions Absorbs water
Portland cement manufacture Additive to kiln feed or fuel to volatize alkalies
Reduce alkali content of cement to eliminate expansive reactions in finished concrete
Railroad right-of-way maintenance Weed-killer additive
Prevents weed-killer from drying out and becoming flammable
Refrigeration Brine ingredient
Calcium chloride brines have low freezing points
Rubber manufacture Coagulating latex emulsions Coagulant
Steel and pig iron manufacture Treatment of pelletized ore and blast furnace additive Elimination of alkalis that attack furnace refractory
Waste water treatment Removal of fluorides Precipitant
Treatment of oily wastes Breaks oil emulsions
Removal of silicates Densifies floc
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